KMC Wheels

KMC Wheels has been showing brilliant performance both on asphalt and off-road since 1995, utilizing innovation, style and a relentless drive to confront opportunities.

The KMC Wheels brand has been designing and manufacturing extra-light luxury wheels for over 30 years, predominantly for large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. KMC brand products belong to the elite segment of the car wheel market. KMC discs are designed to withstand enormous loads. In addition to the fact that light alloy wheels have established themselves as reliable, durable and powerful, they also stand out for their unique appearance.

KMC products have a unique design that makes these discs recognizable among the wide range on the market. The original appearance of the wheels is the pride of KMC Wheels. The color range of KMC Wheels rims is varied; the most daring and extraordinary colors are used for painting finished products: from various shades of black to chrome. KMC Wheels pays special attention to details such as the application of heraldic lines and ornaments to the spokes of the wheels.

KMC Wheels alloy wheels have a reduced weight and excellent strength characteristics due to the quality of the aluminum alloy. First of all, it is practicality. The wheels remain unharmed even after serious off-road tests.

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