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Restyling kits for Toyota Tundra, Dodge RAM, Ford F150 Raptor in 4x4 Tundra online store.

We have been working on the task of creating a restyling kit for Toyota Tundra 2007-2013 for a long time. We tried various components, worked out technologies for installing restyling components on pickups, tested the reliability of components and their survivability on Toyota Tundra, which are constantly in motion on a variety of surfaces. The most important test was our 2008 Combat Begemotik, which has undergone many improvements in its lifetime, thanks to which we can now offer a wide range of components for tuning Toyota Tundra, making sure of their reliability in Russian conditions and viability during daily use even in extreme travel.

Thanks to our persistence and successful cooperation with colleagues, for example, the company ABC-Design, which has created composite power front and rear bumpers, a composite hood (with an air intake and gills and an analogue of the standard one) and many more components ahead will also become composite, today we can present a restyling kit for the 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra, which completely changes the front of the pickup, making it identical to the Toyota Tundra 2014+.

The restyling kit can be assembled from different components that are equally well combined with each other, however, for a guide in terms of composition and price, we have collected the main restyling kits.

Restyling kit Full Toyota Tundra 07-13

Restyling kit Full Toyota Tundra 07-13

Brand:4x4 Tundra
680,000 р.
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