Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson is a company that manufactures wheels and tires for a wide variety of operating conditions. But the most popular among motorists are products for off-road driving. In this matter, this brand is a professional who creates ideal off-road tires, which surpass many analogues in their consumer qualities.

The company was founded in 1963, and from the very beginning, it began to present the most advanced solutions in the field of tire production to the automotive world. This is especially true for tires for all-wheel drive vehicles. After all, the question of stability of the car on the off-road was especially acute for fans of "free" driving. Mickey Thompson has always focused on making products that have the best performance in all respects. And it should be noted that it succeeded, and it still successfully holds the acquired positions in the market.

The company's innovative tread pattern for all-wheel drive tires is redefining the concept of off-road driving. Thus, the products of this brand are used by many car brands, car owners and companies participating in off-road races. At the same time, the tires show some of the best results on any track.

The development of the company was also marked by the fact that it created innovative solutions in the manufacture of more wear-resistant rubber compounds. And today, Mickey Thompson is constantly improving the rubber composition of its tires, which makes them more and more perfect. Thanks to this, even under the most severe off-road conditions, the tires of this brand, developed specifically for all-wheel drive vehicles, remain unharmed and retain all their performance characteristics.

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